Buyer's Guide


Statistics and ViMO Reports

A home may be the largest purchase you ever make, and we want to make sure you have all the relevant information. To help you make the most informed decision, we provide the statistical history of the neighborhood, which also helps determine the exact value of your prospective home.

Agent Network

6% of the agents in Toronto do 90% of the business. At Brott Hadden, we have developed relationships with top agents in every part of the city, and we are constantly connecting with each one to find out about upcoming listings. With these relationships in place, we often sell homes that haven't even hit the market yet.


At Brott Hadden, we have acces to Collab, the latest home search tool. Not only does Collab offer you exeptional control over your home search, but it also makes communicationa and collaoration with us infinitely easier. You'll contantly be up to date with the latest listings without any waiting.

Personalized Letters

To find the hidden gems in this market, you need to both creative and proactive.Waiting for the right MLS listing might not find you the ferpect property, so we send out personalized letters to the neighborhood you want to live in.

Our Network

Because we list a large amount of properties ourselves, we can offer our buyers the first look properties before or as soon as the listings goes live on MLS. When you see a property before the croud, you have more time to consider the neighborhood statistics, formulate your offer and arrange for inspections.

Work With Us

I know that buying or selling a property is enormous decision and I will be there for you every step of the way. As your real estate agent, I promise that you will be able to trust and lean on me throughout the entire process. I am transparent and always available for my clients, no matter the time of day. My negotiation skills are proven and I promise to get you the best price on your property, whether you are buying or selling! I strongly believe that in any real estate transaction, every step must be treated with unparalleled focus and an unwavering standard of ethics.